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For Elle

Elle you will always be a part of all of our lives 
You will never be forgotten.
As well as Phoebe.
Love always your sister Nicky     
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Sleep, perchance to dream.
Where thoughts slide and swirl
And memories renew, frame by frame
Where smiles hang over us, beckoning.

Sleep, perchance to dream.
Where I walk with the gracious angels of yesterday
Where they whisper the answers
To the questions that linger, and form.

Sleep, perchance to dream.
Where I feel your softness
And I become immersed in it
As it surrounds me, covers me.
Coats me in it's delicate strength,
Creating a new skin.
Another protective coat
Against a hostile world, 
Where the harsh winds blow
With wild abandon.

Sleep, perchance to dream.
Where I touch your spirit
And feel who you are,
The softness that is you.

Sleep, perchance to dream.
Where I know you at last
And my heart is complete.
©Elle Hagan


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    you know what? I have had plenty of time to finally figure all of this crap out, and you are nothing but a lying fucking catfish internet whore. First you pretend to be someone that you're not then you pretend to fucking die when you finally figured out that I was onto you. Every picture you ever showed me was of an Austrailian actress named Nicky and as soon as you realized it you told me she was your half sister another lie, i bet she doesn't even know you exist but all of a sudden after your death she which was you pretending to be her reaches out to me. which is really sad and pathetic that you pretended to die and fake your own death just to get out of a lie. I am embarrassed that I let myself be catfished by your lying ass. I hope that Nicky aka you reads all of this and deletes every comment I ever left you
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    miss you and everything about you.
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    My darling Elle,

    Thinking of you now, on what should have been your 31st birthday.  Miss you so very much!

    Your memory will brightly shine in my heart and of all those who love you.  Never will you be forgotten.

    Love  you always and ever, Auntie

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    Missing you, wish you were here "Happy Birthday"

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    It's Memorial day this here in the States this weekend and you know where I go every year as long as I'm able to go, but I wanted to come here where I can still remember the great times and conversations we had. I wish you were here I miss you and think of you all the time just paying my respects to you on Memorial day.